Street Light

Osmose iNjectapole®

Similar to timber utility poles, planted street light poles will suffer groundline strength loss as a result of corrosion caused at the contact with soils, moisture and oxygen or mechanical damage caused by mowers etc. We commonly find that poles corrode rapidly around the groundline area, and as a result, lose structural capacity at the critical zone of the highest bending moment.

iNjectaPole® is a structurally certified and patented pole repair system/technique. It guarantees life extension to the pole for as long as the pole remains durable above the repair level (ie. 200mm above groundline). iNjectaPole is managed by the Osmose (formerly Logsys) iNformation Management System and backed by the Osmose iHub, which provides live and updated access to the pole asset register and real-time professional engineering backup to field crews.

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