Occupational Health & Safety Systems

Osmose is committed to Occupational Health and Safety as an integral part of our company’s operations. We operate a Safety Management System certified to AS/NZS 4801, Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems and the Australian Federal Safety Commissioner. We believe no business priority comes before safety.

We are certified in all areas that Osmose specialises in across Australia and New Zealand, including:

  •  Asset Inspections
  • Structural Reinforcing
  • Corrosion Maintenance
  • Engineering Solutions

Osmose is committed to providing a safe, healthy and hazard-free working environment for all employees, contractors and visitors. The company has set a target of achieving and maintaining a Zero Lost Time Injury Rate.

Osmose provides the time and resources necessary to maintain these accreditations whilst developing, implementing and reviewing targets, plans and procedures to continually improve workplace safety and health.

Through incorporating continuous improvement philosophy and consultation with all staff and stakeholders, we also:

  • Maintain compliance with all relevant Occupational / Workplace Health & Safety legislation;
  • Address safety and health matters in consultation with our employees;
  • Set measurable safety and health objectives and targets;
  • Identify hazards, assess risks and implement appropriate controls;
  • Ensure that the extent and frequency of risk assessments are proportionate with the level of risks identified;
  • Provide employees, contractors and visitors with applicable safety information and supervision appropriate to the hazards they may experience;
  • Provide and maintain safe plant equipment, and use safe work methods for the handling and use of hazardous substances;
  • Integrate our commitment to safety and health into all our activities.

For more information please feel free to contact us at enquiries@osmose.com.au