O-Calc Pro

Structural Analysis Software for Utility Poles

O-Calc® Pro structural analysis software is the industry standard for highly accurate, comprehensive pole loading analyses used in the joint use attachment process, make ready engineering work, equipment and line upgrades, system hardening, and pole replacement. O-Calc Pro features an advanced, yet easy-to-use interface for the efficient modelling of wood and non-wood poles, H-Frame structures, and full line designs.

O-Calc Pro Features

  • Powerful, easy-to-use interface
  • Full line design, network extension modelling
  • Modelling of wood, steel, concrete, and composite poles
  • Modelling of multi-pole structures such as H-Frames
  • Digital Measurement Technology (DMT)
  • Automatic tension/sag analysis
  • Automatic clearance analysis
  • Strength reduction calculator
  • Multiple downloadable master and user catalogues
  • ET-Truss selector
  • Integration with Google Earth
  • Jumper cable modelling
  • Premise location modelling of service drops
  • GIS pole information import
  • Profile view of line design
  • Geospatial view of poles using public or private GIS layers

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