Advanced Structural Resiliency Study


Cost-effectively enhance the resilience of power grid structures with an accurate assessment of existing infrastructure health. 

What is OsmoVision?

OsmoVision offers an unmatched suite of cutting-edge hardware and software that can document power grid vulnerabilities and strengths like no other. OsmoVision utilizes a combination of proprietary LiDAR point cloud classification and imagery recognition tools to generate an accurate digital twin of utility structures.  This turnkey LiDAR collection and processing system leverages the accuracy and repeatability of measurements and minimizes potential data entry errors to improve accuracy, consistency, and efficiency of engineering analysis both at the individual structure level and when analysing entire lines.  

Solutions Powered by OsmoVision

Solutions Powered by OsmoVisionDigital Twin and System Assessments

The digital twin generated by OsmoVision enables the assessment of system resiliency by simulating its ability to withstand high-impact events, such as a cyclone. This will determine which areas of a structure owner’s above ground infrastructure are more resilient and which areas are at risk of failure during a high-impact event, such as a cyclone.

Storm Support

When planning for severe weather, an additional advantage of having a digital twin is the ability to anticipate the required equipment, staff, and materials needed for recovery.  This helps prioritize placement and staging of response-related inventory to reduce downtime after an incident. 

System Hardening

To address points of poor resiliency, various hardening solutions can be simulated to support the determination of the best approach. Both resiliency analysis and pole owner business KPIs are factored-in during the hardening solution development and the expected resiliency improvement is defined clearly for each critical KPI.  

In addition to the benefits of OsmoVision’s advanced technology, Osmose brings the expertise to support the structure owner’s decision making in matters of resiliency. Whether the need is to develop a plan and budget to implement a hardening solution, or to project the degradation of assets and its impact on resiliency, Osmose has experienced Engineers, Project Managers and Data Scientists to answer those critical questions. 

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