Protective Products

OsmoWeld® Products

OsmoWeld products are designed to repair holes and other damage that results in a void, including decayed and splitting tops. OsmoWeld bonds to wood without shrinking or cracking. The epoxy formulas of both OsmoWeld MPF and OsmoWeld LV are designed to flow easily and completely fill the void which is vital in preventing further damage.

Both products utilize the KwikMixx™ cartridge system. The KwikMixx cartridge provides even mixing by forcing the two components of the epoxy formula through a common mixing nozzle, automatically proportioning and combining them for fast, accurate application.

Pole Top Protection – Pole Topper®

Pole Toppers are designed to protect that small but critical area – pole tops – from decay and the effects of weathering caused by rain, freeze/thaw cycles, and UV rays. Pole Toppers create a durable, long-lasting barrier against moisture and sunlight that helps to maintain structural stability and preserva­tive retention. They adhere to virtually any shape pole and can be installed in minutes without hardware or tools.

The new and improved Pole Topper is manufactured from a cross-linked, reinforced, water and UV resistant material with performance characteristics similar to commercial grade roofing. Pole Toppers are strong, light, and easy to install. Pole Toppers maintain their elasticity and adhesion in both high and low temperatures.

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